The Russett School


Following a simple sketch of what the school wanted to feature on their wall, I came up with the idea of a mirror to make it more interesting.  With safety in mind we used a chrome aluminium composite sheet, faced with printed and laminated vinyl. The size is 2440mm wide x 1900mm high so it had to be created in 2 pieces, and was installed with a matching joining strip and a special painted wooden framed edge.  The artwork is based around 6 sliced apples and I setup a template for the school to self-print their own photographs to stick onto the installation whenever required.  Faces are intentionally blurred out.

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Fox Group


Its been just over a year since Fox Group had their tray signs fitted, but they have grown considerably and undertaken a full rebrand.  Their new signage is 50mm, 3D mirror, polished built up lettering.  These were fitted on brass locators into the brick with the large Fox icon carefully fitted over the large window area above the main entrance.  I hope you agree that this creates a striking, high-end look and feel to the building.

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The Russett School


The Russett School had a recent Ofsted inspection and were given outstanding status so required a new sign to accompany their 2013|2104 counterpart.  After checking Ofsted’s brand guidelines I created this new 2017|2018 3mm aluminium composite sheet signage, faced with printed and laminated vinyl.

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