Keeping with the Shadowfoam branding and design I utilised their existing assets and created a Twist exhibition stand which was supplied by my exhibition partner.

This Twist package consists of x4 800mm Twist stands, x1 550mm flexi panel to allow the curve, x2 wheeled cases with graphic panels and black counter tops and x4 LED lights.

If you are interested in Shadowfoam have a look at their website


Castle Metals


Working with Castle Metals on a revamp of their 2016 exhibition stand is this new beauty. I reconfigured the existing artwork that I created two years ago and worked with an outside exhibition company that built the stand. The whole stand is really impressive and houses 2 meeting rooms at the back with glass and metal fixtures, a screen, display cabinets and LED lighting as some of the features of this build.  If you have any project up to this size or greater then please get in touch for more information.

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StagePro Academy


StagePro had an idea for a word cloud on their largest wall in the building.  After spending quite a bit of time moving words around to try and fill gaps, this design was finally good to go.  All lettering was matt vinyl cut and fitted to the wall with an overall size of 4 metres wide and 2.5 metres tall.  I love it and think it creates a nice feature to inspire all students for years to come.

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Castle Metals


Working with Castle Metals and an outside exhibition company I created the artwork for these exhibition boards.  Ten boards in total range in size from 1300x100mm up to 3990x1000mm and deeper, and all files were supplied as specified by the supplier.  I cannot take credit for the purpose built stand or the 3D visual but I am more than happy to display it in my portfolio.

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Looking Forward Activities


Looking Forward Activities are dedicated to providing high quality support for members with learning disabilities aged 16+.  They supplied me with print ready artwork for the flyer to print from and I then went on to rejig the artwork to create and supply an 850mm wide pullup banner.

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