Steel Dynamics


Steel Dynamics are a new company established in September 2012.  They initially came to me for logo creation and stationery to get them up and running.  This led to the requirement of a start up website to get them through their first 6-18 months.  Before the website was launched there was a temporary website with a countdown to launch time and other work such as stationery, pullup banners, signage and the download brochure were created. Search for Steel Dynamics to find more portfolio items.

Search for Steel Dynamics to find more portfolio items.

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Advanced Hair and Skin Clinic


Taking their existing website as created by a friend (Adam) at Pom In Perth, I updated the current information to reflect their new price list that I designed and printed and together with a few more tweaks its now all up to date with my little link at the bottom.  Thats all really!!

Why not visit: (This website has since been updated by someone else)

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