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Hi, I’m Simon Roberts…

I’m not the average 9-5 worker, you will often catch me working late nights so I offer great flexibility and a good point of contact. With low overheads you will also find that your budget will stretch a lot further and together with other professional people I have around me I provide as good as any in-house service available.

My Background

I began my career in 1992 working for a slide company in Sale producing artwork for thousands of slides and overhead transparencies on a daily basis for a wide variety of industries until Powerpoint was launched enabling instant computer presentations to a screen or projector.

At this point I left the design department and gained experience in a new and upcoming service in the form of large format printing. I helped the new mounting, laminating and finishing department to grow and quickly became responsible for all finishing. I operated a large Sallmetall mounting machine to finish off large posters, boards and also one of the first ranges of pop-up stands on the market.

After 18 months I moved on to a new company, a market leader that was looking to take over where I worked.  As that fell through I was was taken on and was instrumental in helping setup their new in-house finishing department. My role was to finish every inkjet print from the large format printer to a fully tested and erected exhibition stand from their wide range of trademarked products of all shapes and sizes.

My career to date led me to produce work for some really good customers such as Astra Zeneca, BBC, Barclays, British Aerospace, British Airways, Co-op, John Lewis, Mars, Martin Dawes, North West Water, PMP, Shell Chemicals and Virgin to name a few.

In February 2000 I switched jobs to a print company in Altrincham. I was back in a studio and back up to date with the main software such as Quark, Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, creating artwork for clients but more importantly checking incoming work for print. There is a lot of artwork sent to print from many designers that look absolutely stunning on screen yet cause so many problems when sent to print. I effectively looked after the interests of both my employer and the customer, saving a lot of heartache and money along the way. I gained 7 years of repro experience and worked my way up to studio manager before I left in January 2007 to work for myself and I am loving the experience so far!

Thanks for Reading

Please, take a look around my site, stop by my portfolio and look at some of my latest design work…
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